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Fuel for What Fuels You

Pure Kick was made for those who love living life to its fullest. This is more than an energy drink. This is energy and hydration for fueling your passions. Pure Kick kicks up your workouts, your workdays, and any dreams you’re tirelessly working on. It comes in five bold, invigorating flavors to boost boring old water. Whether you need an energizing kick of caffeine and Vitamin B, a thirst-quenching kick of hydration, or both, this low-calorie drink mix helps you kick into high gear and stay there.


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Pure Kick is the energy drink for those who embrace the challenges thrown their way every day. It’s for anyone who prides themselves on being the first ones in, and the last ones out. No matter where you’re going, Pure Kick will keep you going at your very best.

Pure Kick Black Cherry Pomegranate, Pure Kick Energy Black Cherry Pomegranate

Every sip of Pure Kick gets you another step closer to getting the job done, while finding fulfillment at every step. Do what you love, and love every second of it.
Pure Kick is fuel for what fuels you. 

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